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Is your child waking multiple times during the night?

Is he / she only taking short naps?

Does it take a long time to get your child to sleep?


Liisa Niskakangas (MS, Econ) is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach and certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant and she can help address your child’s sleep problem. She doesn’t believe that “one size fits all”. Instead she tries to come up with a plan that suits each family’s special situation.


In-home consultations Skype-consultations anywhere in Finland and also for the expat-families living abroad.


Certified Gentle Sleep Coach by Kim West “the Sleep Lady”


The program involves over 80 hours of training, an exam and participation in case supervision with licensed family therapist Kim West, LCSW-C (a.k.a. “the Sleep Lady”) who has been helping tired parents for over 17 years. Clinical supervision and ongoing advanced training are required to maintain certification as a Gentle Sleep Coach. Training topics include e.g.:

  • Basic counseling and child development
  • Sleep science and behavioral modification techniques
  • Secure attachment theory
  • Support for the breastfeeding mother


The training also consisted of lectures from top specialists, including:


  • Postpartum Depression from Dr. Shoshana Bennett, author and leading specialist on Postpartum Depression
  • Medical Conditions and Sleep Apnea in Children led by Dr. Lewis Kass, Director of Children’s Sleep Center
  • Sensory Processing Disorders and Sleep by Jodi Jennings, OTLR


The program also includes an exclusive advanced training series directly centered around how to gently work with babies 4 and 5 months of age. Some of the training topics include:

  • In depth knowledge of the delicate nature of infants under 6 months of age and how to consider all elements of their well-being.
  • Current evidence based guidelines and instruction on how to evaluate the 4-6 month old child and family and determine if the child is ready for sleep coaching.
  • Gentle sleep solutions and strategies that are effective and developmentally appropriate for the younger baby.


Certified Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant by International Maternity Institute

Training topics included e.g.

  • The Science of Sleep: Stages
  • Sleep for Mom during Pregnancy
  • Sleep for Parents postpartum
  • Sleep for Baby
  • Understanding the Language of Crying
  • Understanding the Most Popular and Common Approaches/Methods of sleep training
  • Transitions
  • Sleeping challenges and solutions for parents and babies
  • Sleep Environments
  • Nutrition
  • Behavior
  • Breastfeeding
  • Dream Feeding
  • Cluster Feeding
  • Mother-Baby Relationship
  • Secure Attachment Theory
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Colic/Reflux
  • SIDS
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Bedwetting
  • Swaddling
  • White Noise
  • Postpartum Depression



“We started sleep coaching with Liisa when our daughter was nearly 9 months old. We had successfully battled a sleep regression and gotten rid of our sleep crutch, the pacifier at night, with the book “Good night, sleep tight” and she only woke once a night for a nursing for a while. But then she started waking more often again, expecting to be fed, so we decided to eliminate all night time feedings with the help of Liisa. Our little girl was very persistent and it took us a few weeks of being consistent and getting all the little things into place, and I don’t think we could have done it without the continuous reassurance and help of Liisa – I am sure we would have given up, since it took us much longer than most families, we would have lost hope. But now we have an 11-months old daughter that sleeps from 7.30 to 7.30 and naps well during the day. We are all so well rested! Thank you, Liisa!“
Viktoria, Martin and baby-Godiva

”I cannot recommend Liisa enough. Thanks to her my baby girl wants to get into her crib to sleep, she actually smiles when I put her in! She used to have to be rocked to sleep or nursed to sleep and she only napped in her stroller. Now, she can put herself to sleep happily and easily. And, what is more, she stays asleep! She used to wake many times a night (sometimes 12 times!) and had to be nursed back to sleep. Thanks to Liisa’s patient and helpful coaching she sleeps most nights all the way through (when she is teething or sick Liisa has helped me learn to comfort her without disrupting her good sleep habits).”
Henrik, Pauliina and Ingrid, 9 months

“I never sleep trained my older daughter and she didn’t learn to fall asleep by herself until age 3.5, to be honest I didn’t believe in sleep training and I always wanted to breastfeed on demand. I am still nursing my 11 month old, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Liisa helped me learn I can comfort her in ways other than by nursing, and, I am amazed at how much happier my baby is- she eats more solids, still loves nursing and is always smiling. Very different from my sleepy baby who nursed all night long! I would recommend Liisa to anyone and everyone- she has literally changed our lives.”
Sylvia and baby Alexandra


Contact for services and prices, or check the Finnish site

044-2126 031.